Fund Forum 11

The largest conference in investment industry in Poland

October 3rd, 2023 / Warsaw / Crowne Plaza


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Fund Forum Analiz Online

is the largest conference in the Polish investment industry, gathering exceptional speakers and guests from renowned investment firms in Poland and around the world - the highest-class authorities in the world of investments

Wide audience

consisting of people involved professionally with the investment funds market in Poland - including key individuals in distribution companies that shape sales policy, the discussion forum for current issues related to macroeconomics, as well as global and local capital markets

Source of knowledge

both practical and related to sales techniques for financial advisors and those involved in the distribution of investment products, as well as the only platform of its kind for the exchange of opinions and experience


Conference start

08:45 - 09:30

Registration and welcome coffee

09:30 - 09:45

Preface and welcome guest

09:45 - 10:00

A view from the plateau. What will the markets surprise us with in 2024?

10:00 - 10:40

Investment funds riding the wave. How to capitalise on their recent surge in popularity?

10:40 - 10:55

Market Neutral, the way to make profits under any conditions?

10:55 - 11:45

Think alternatively. And if not stocks or bonds, then what?

11:45 - 12:15

Coffee break

12:15 - 12:30

AI innovation is here to stay - With the potential to disrupt every industry?

12:30 - 13:10

Will polish small and medium-sized companies overcome AI? Where to look for alpha?

13:10 - 13:30

Playing the rates

13:30 - 14:10

Not just bonds. About practical ways of taming risk

14:10 - 15:10


15:10 - 15:35

ESG Funds - Global Trends, Challenges, and Benefits for Investors

15:35 - 15:50

Traditional Funds versus ETFs: Where do they continue to dominate?

15:50 - 16:30

Analizy Live even more live. Market scenarios for 2024

Conference end


Małgorzata Anczewska

EFPA Polska

James Ashley

Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Anna Bąkała

TFI Allianz Polska

Dominik Bekkewold

Fidelity International

Rafał Bogusławski

Analizy Online

Sebastian Buczek

Quercus TFI

Piotr Dmuchowski


Michał Duniec

Analizy Online

Karolina Hytrek-Prosiecka

Johannes Jacobi

Allianz Global Investors

Mariusz Jagodziński

Mount TFI

Krzysztof Kamiński

Millennium TFI

Marek Kaźmierczak


Łukasz Kędzior

Pekao TFI

Tomasz Korab

EQUES Investment TFI

Rafał Lerski

BNP Paribas TFI

Rafał Lis

CVI Dom Maklerski

Rafał Madej


Arkadiusz Mastalerek

DI Xelion

Bartosz Pawłowski


Jakub Płotka

Santander TFI

Magdalena Polan

PGIM Fixed Income

Hiten Savani

Fidelity International

Łukasz Siwek

Skarbiec TFI

Kamil Sobolewski

Pracodawcy RP

Radosław Sosna

Goldman Sachs TFI

Michał Stanek

Q Value

Robert Stanilewicz

Analizy Online

Tomasz Tarczyński

Opoka TFI

Zbigniew Wójtowicz

Investors TFI

Tomasz Wronka

Michael / Ström Dom Maklerski


Fidelity International

Fidelity International (Fidelity) offers investment solutions and services, and retirement expertise to more than 2.87 million* customers globally. As a purpose-driven, privately held company with a heritage of over 50 years, we think generationally and invest for the long term.

We offer our own investment solutions as well as access to those of others, and deliver services relating to investing. For individual investors and their advisers, we provide guidance to help them invest in a simple and cost-effective way. For institutions, including pension funds, banks and insurance companies, we offer tailored investment solutions, consultancy, and full-service outsourcing of asset management to us. For employers, we provide workplace pension administration services on top of, or independently from, investment management. We are responsible for total client assets of €670.2 billion* from 2.87 million* clients globally.
*(Fidelity International, 31 March 2023.) Read more: Homepage (

TFI Allianz

Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych Allianz Polska S.A. has been operating on the Polish market for 19 years and manages assets worth PLN 16.1 billion (at the end of June 2023). TFI Allianz Polska offers a wide range of investment funds investing in various asset classes on the Polish and foreign markets, using the expertise of investment companies from the global Allianz Group – Allianz Global Investors and PIMCO.

The Company also offers products that enable saving for retirement purposes – IKE, IKZE, PPE and PPK as well as solutions enabling systematic investments in investment funds.

The investment performance and broad competences of the Company have been recognized by prestigious awards including first place in the ranking of "Rzeczpospolita" for the best investment fund company in 2022, the "TFI of the year 2021" statuette by Gazeta Giełdy i Inwestorów "Parkiet", the Alfa 2021 award for Allianz Obligacji Plus and Golden Portfolios for managers of Allianz Obligacji Inflacyjnych in 2022 and Allianz Aktywnej Alokacji in 2020.

Goldman Sachs TFI

Bringing together traditional and alternative investments, we provide clients around the world with a dedicated partnership and focus on long-term performance. As the primary investing area within Goldman Sachs, we deliver investment and advisory services for the world’s leading institutions, financial advisors and individuals, drawing from our deeply connected global network and tailored expert insights, across every region and market—overseeing more than $2 trillion in assets under supervision worldwide as of December 31, 2022. Driven by a passion for our clients’ performance, we seek to build long-term relationships based on conviction, sustainable outcomes, and shared success over time.

Goldman Sachs TFI is part of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Our activity is supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.